New Development Officer

We recently appointed a Development Officer to improve a number of aspects of how we can help you, the current and of course future members of the Sports Council. The new Development Officer is Greig Hopcroft.

The Development Officer’s first task was to update the website and make it more user friendly. Although it is still work I progress a ‘new’ website has just gone live with several updates. The main ones are that the forms that we use are now more helpful to the user. When you wish to renew your membership or if you wish to submit a grant application please complete the necessary details on the appropriate form and just press the ‘send form’ button and it will automatically be sent to the Sports Council. Please note that where it asks for a signature just print the name. However should you still wish to use the postal service you can download the form and send it to the address shown on the website.

The next priority will be to increase the membership by providing more information on how the Sports Council can provide help and assistance to affiliated clubs.

Another major role for the Development Officer will be to provide advice on where to apply for grant funding. The Sports Council are able to provide small grants, but some clubs require more than we can offer, especially for any capital funding which for the main part is out with our remit. However there are external funders who may be able to provide larger grants and the Development Officer will be able to advise on the best route to take.

Greig said “This is an exciting role and one which I am looking forward to.  My passion is sport and I will be looking to help both the Sports Council and sports clubs in the area going forward.”

Greig has a vast sporting administration background and has been heavily involved with club, regional and national level committees over the past 18 years.  As well as the administration side Greig has also played a huge part in the rise and success of Glenrothes Cricket Club. In addition to his passion for Cricket, Greig is also a supporter of Raith Rovers FC and enjoys watching and playing several other sports.

Sports Council Chairman Alistair Cameron said “Its great to get someone with Greig’s knowledge and experience on board. We are looking for him to help the committee take the Sports Council forward and member clubs will benefit from his direct support.  The new website is the first of many positive steps we are looking to take going forward.”

Anyone with any stories or information for the website or social media please forward it direct to Greig (

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