Sports Council Grants Scheme

Sports Council Grants Scheme

Each Sports Council provide the opportunity for clubs to apply for club development grants. The club development grant is up to a maximum of £500 and is awarded at the discretion of each Sports Council. Club development grants are to assist clubs achieve the aims and objectives in their development plan (e.g. new section to an existing club), but will not support a club’s general running costs such as admin, facility hire and travel.

Costs associated with the following will be considered:

  • Start up costs (New club/section) and development costs
  • Promotional material
  • Equipment
  • Initial facility hire
  • Specialist coaching fees
  • Attending major events
  • Hosting major events

Non eligible costs

  • Coaching fees
  • Ongoing costs
  • Capital costs
  • Training
  • Individual athletes or teams training/competition
  • Replacement equipment
  • Individual equipment


  • Be constituted and have a recognised committee in place
  • Must be ClubFife Club or NGB Accredited Club
  • Must be affiliated to sports council for minimum of 6 months (Discretionary)
  • Maximum grant available to an individual club in a 12 month period is £500
  • Have a club bank account
  • Be actively operating, training and playing in Fife or setting themselves up to do so
  • Be a voluntary sports club
  • Have their application endorsed by two committee members

Sports Council Special Projects Grant

  • Each sports council will provide an opportunity each year to fund special projects.  This may be on a collective club, sport or individual club basis. This will be considered when there is a recognised need or significant benefit identified by the applicant or sports council
  • Information should be communicated to all member clubs and partners at the start of the year
  • Must be affiliated to sports council for minimum of 12 months
  • Must be ClubFife Club or NGB Accredited Club

Non-Eligible Costs

  • Capital costs
  • Training

All grants are made at the discretion of the Sports Councils Grants or Management Committee whose decision is final

Please complete the below checklist before beginning your Grants application alternatively you can download this in PDF format (click here)

If you are in doubt about anything, please email your local sports council:


Are you…Please ONLY proceed if you choose one of the options available.

Only Continue if you have selected YES to the question above

Has your organisation already received a Grant in the last 12 months
If you answered YES above please provide more information:
0 /

Does your organisation...

  • Have no unmanaged debts or liabilities
  • Have at least 3 unrelated or non-cohabiting members of your committee
  • Have suitable governance controls to manage a grant from the Sports Council (e.g.regular committee meetings, financial reporting etc.

If you answered YES to ALL of the above, please continue....

Are you looking for funding for...

  • Help with general running costs (e.g. rent, heating etc )
  • Replacement equipment
  • An annual or previously run event
  • Continuing an existing activity
  • An individual Building, construction, refurbishment or land improvement.
  • A project that requires planning permission that is not yet in place
  • A project that has already started?

If you answered YES to any of the above, please contact us before applying.  Otherwise, please CONTINUE…

Does your project…
  • Have a timescale of less than 12 months
  • Aim to get more people playing sport regularly
If you answered YES to ALL of the above, please CONTINUE…

Can you…
  • Describe how many people will access your project and how they will benefit
  • Monitor the numbers of participants to show how successful the project is
  • Provide evidence that the project is needed
  • Provide a clear and detailed project budget
  • Monitor expenditure to show that any grant is spent correctly
If you answered YES to ALL of the above it is likely that your organisation and project are eligible for funding.

I confirm that I have completed the above questions in the checklist and I am now ready to complete the application form to formally apply for funding.

Nameyour full name
Signedyour full name

Once you have completed the checklist please then complete the grant application process:

Apply Online – Click Here

Download PDF to Complete Offline – Click Here