Positive Behaviour Management in Sport

Coaching children and young people can be a very rewarding experience. However there will be times when the behaviours of some young participants will leave you feeling confused, frustrated and deskilled!

This workshop will help you to work out why unwanted behaviours occur, how to respond to the challenges as they crop up and how to prevent these from happening again and again. Identifying what creates a positive coaching environment and taking actions that will encourage the types of behaviour you want is the key to successful behaviour management.

The workshop will cover:

·       Setting the scene and getting the basics right
·       Possible reasons why unwanted behaviours occur
·       Positive behaviour management
·       Creating a culture of self-regulation
·       Techniques for responding to inappropriate behaviour
·       Scenarios

Workshop tutor: Morag Martindale

Morag Martindale is Director of Chrysalis Professional Development in Scotland. For almost 30 years she has worked as a teacher, trainer, coach and consultant in the field of social, emotional and behavioural needs. She is a renowned leading expert on self-regulation approaches, positive behaviour management and solution focussed cultures. Morag produces and presents training and staff development throughout Scotland. She works regularly in education centres, in early year’s settings, primary and secondary schools, residential settings and colleges of further education. She provides training and support to several fostering and adoption agencies. Social work teams, Active Schools & Sports Development teams, health care professionals and child care sector professionals also use Morag’s expertise and training to develop the practice of their teams in dealing with challenging behaviour. Morag also undertakes private work with families who struggle with the behaviour of their children or teenagers.
Her wide and varied experiences allow Morag to provide training and coaching that is practical and highly grounded. She brings with her a depth of knowledge and a passion for developing systems and approaches which meet the needs of all children and young people.

When –   Tuesday 6th December – 6pm – 9pm
Where – Dunfermline High School,  Jennie Rennies Road, Dunfermline
To book – email sportsdevelopment.enquiries@fife.gov.uk
Cost – Free

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